Material and process characteristics of plastic car lights


The quality of car lights is very important to driving safety, so the laws and regulations of various countries in the world have strict requirements on car lights. The design of car lights must not only meet the safety requirements of regulations, but also meet some other requirements. For example, the appearance must be integrated with the appearance of the entire car, beautiful and practical, and meet the requirements of aerodynamics. And passengers feel comfortable and convenient. Therefore, the design technology of car lights is also changing with the development of the automobile industry.

Automobile lights are generally composed of a base and a lamp shell. The material of the base is usually a thermosetting material-BMC (bulk molding compound). The lamp shell can be processed by PMMA, PP, ABS and other materials, usually two-color or three-color. In the production process of two-color car lights, special attention should be paid to the injection part of the two-color injection molding machine. The center distance of the two screws corresponds to the center distance of the two-color mold. In addition, the following important points need to be paid attention to:

1. The influencing elements of the stable forming of car lights

2. Common problems in car taillight design

3. Key points of screw design

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